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DECKS FOR GUIDED INSPIRATION-EMBRACING HARMONIC (11 vibrant cards; boxed; 3" x 9.5")

DECKS FOR GUIDED INSPIRATION-EMBRACING HARMONIC (11 vibrant cards; boxed; 3" x 9.5")

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Come celebrate the power of dynamic creativity and love with visionary artist and poet, Trea Christopher Grey.

Fresh in its design, each Harmonic Deck for Guided Inspiration stimulates the imagination and gently quiets the mind. Choose any card and be guided into unique worlds, places of profound, powerful reflection activating inner depths and new perspectives. 4 Harmonic Decks ... Each with a distinct perspective; WISDOM, EMBRACING, UNFOLDING, JOY. The complete set of 4 decks includes 46 cards

The journey begins by turning over a chosen card to discover the ’Heartland’ painting. Each Heartland frees the imagination in a symphony of color, celebrating the heart. Slide the inner card out to an ecstatic poetic meditation. Each meditation embraces a place of deep inwardness to reveal your inner wisdom. Turn this card over to view the ’Inner Companion’ image. Dancing in counterpoint with the Heartland painting, the Inner Companion reveals worlds within worlds in electric and rich jewel tones nourishing our experience of mystery and awe.

Each Harmonic is held inside an exquisitely designed, collectible box complete with a magnetic closure. Included is a 7 panel guide that gives an overview of how to use the decks. No reference book is required as each card is self-contained for easy use. Collecting all 4 decks is very rewarding, but not necessary as each deck stands on its own.

Easy to use, fun to share and handy for travel.

NOTE: These beautiful cards also make great bookmarks and can be sold individually for $3.00 each (wholesale approx $1.00 each).

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Soft, feminine, magnetic and nurturing, the blessings of the Embracing Harmonic (cards #13 - #23) invite deep inner listening and stillness celebrating the preciousness in being.