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Chakra Colored Swarovski® Crystal Refill Packs

Chakra Colored Swarovski® Crystal Refill Packs

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Want specific colors from the chakra colored Swarovski crystal kit? Get refill packs with JUST the colors of your choice!

Available in 7 color stories to match the 7 chakras. Each contains two shades of crystals, including 4 colors not seen in the kit! The colors we offer are:

  • Root Chakra / Red 
  • Sacral Chakra / Orange
  • Solar Plexus / Yellow
  • Heart Chakra / Green
  • Throat Chakra / Blue 
  • Third Eye Chakra / Indigo 
  • Crown Chakra / Violet


Includes 40, 24-karat gold plated Swarovski crystal embellished ear seeds plus a chakra related affirmation for you to say or reflect upon while applying the seeds. 

Our Swarovski Crystal embellished gold pellets can be used in conjunction with our condition-specific ear chart kits to make a sophisticated yet holistic, fashion-forward statement.

Why Gold?

In traditional Chinese medicine, gold is known for its tonification properties and its ability to sustain and restore the harmony of the body.