BOTANICAL ORACLE (65-card deck)

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Tapping into the energies of different plants is a beautiful and holistic way to get back in tune with nature and to reignite our connection to the flora on our planet which has supported us in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health since the beginning of time.

The Botanical Oracle is a 65—card deck of unique watercolour plant illustrations, where each plant is linked to an element (earth, fire, water, air or spirit) with a word and mantra associated with each.

The comprehensive guidebook enclosed provides further guidance on each plant’s special benefits and wisdom. This easy—to—use deck is both stunning to look at and insightful to use.

Whether you choose a simple one—card draw or full uniquely—created spread, as you work with the Botanical Oracle you will discover many ways plants can bring you a deeper appreciation for their energy in and around you and their abundance in your life. These tools help you reconnect with the earth and deepen your own intuitive abilities in the process.