Inspirational Messages/Readings
Inspirational Messages/Readings

Inspirational Messages/Readings

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Give them something different for Christmas this year! Give the gift of consciousness!

The COVID-friendly gift of an energetic hug with a private YouTube video link to a 15-20 minute video with intuitive messages and insights.

These holiday gift stocking stuffers will be delivered to the desired inbox on 12/24/20 and are great for checking in with the higher octaves of ones mind for key insight. They often offer a sense of confirmation of what has already been revealed to the self. These messages are intended to offer encouragement and support to continue the path of self-exploration and mastery.

Although requests for a specified topic may be submitted via email or text, trust that the most relevant focal point will be presented.

Great gift idea for kids, young adults, adults and elderly. Excellent gift for singles or couples too!!  

We accommodate time zone so international time differences will be confirmed/recognized to assure your Stocking Stuffer is delivered timely!! 

Readings may be:

Intuitive - for the awakened mind. reader may use a number of varying tools/modalities, at their own discretion.

Traditional - for the structured mind. reader will share words of enlightenment, encouragement and love while preserving the sanctity and pride for space held concerning traditional values.

Tarot/Oracle - for the learners mind. reader will share wisdom and insight gained from tarot and or oracle cards.

Angel/Inspiration - for the empathic mind. reader will share energetic words of refresh using angel-related or inspirational tools.

Marketplace - for the business minded. reader will share insights into the energetic health of your business and lend perspective for achieving and sustaining healthy and stable growth in business or finance.


Please Note: Consultations do not provide or substitute medical, legal, financial or any other type of advice needed from a trained professional. Use the information provided simply to gain perspective and from that point, choose to be accountable for your own choices! You are the magician!!!

For entertainment purposes only. 









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