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Pandora’s Mini

Pandora’s Mini

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This beautiful mini box is great for everyone, no matter your experience, and offers great pricing for shipping! You’ll receive 1 mini tarot deck, oracle deck, set of angel/inspiration cards, as well as a children’s deck option! Also includes 3 assorted tumbled natural mineral gemstones, 1 small selenite charging wand, 4 mineral description cards, 1 beginners smudging kit (mini feather, palo santo, sage wand and abalone shell), 3 incense sticks, 1 incense holder, 1 copper bracelet, 1 tarot tips and tricks worksheet and 1 intention setting & use instructions.

Boxes are available at pre-order rates until 6/30/20 (Reg. $64.99) 

Pre-order boxes ship on July 1, 2020. Pre-order kits will include the deck option selected in the drop down.

Additional deck kit options will be available July 1st at the standard rate.

Any product customs or availability issues will be substituted for an item of comparable value.

All sales final. Inquire prior to purchase.