Live Consultation with Dannie

Live Consultation with Dannie

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Live consultations (live readings) include in-person, telephone, or video consultation. (Anything not pre-recorded is considered live.)

 As you know, Dannie often live channels the energy in order to most effectively convey the messages. Because of this, live readings require more virtue, as the energy is certainly felt in a greater way, being connected in real-time. These are premium readings and only accepted on a very limited and case-by-case basis. This ensures Dannie's mission is accomplished!

These consultations are focused on achieving a higher perspective. Although not neglecting the mundane aspects of life, in the read we'll be identifying where things are right now in order to gain perspective to support what's next - this is our primary objective.

Dannie will be prompt with live appointments and in an effort to honor other's appointments, must adhere to the pre-defined appointment schedule. Tarot Palace does not provide refunds and we are happy to reschedule your consultation for a more convenient time as needed. 

Dannie knows this is her calling. If you can't afford a reading but are in need of practical insight, subscribe to our channel at

Trust that any messages for you will be revealed by virtue of your own connection to all that is.

Please Note: Consultations do not provide or substitute medical, legal, financial or any other type of advice needed from a trained professional.

Use the information provided to gain perspective and be accountable for your own choices! You are the magician!!!

For entertainment purposes only.