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The Daily Grind - Join the Club, Break the Chain!

When I was a kid, my grandmother had a dog named Benji. Benji was a chow mix - a mutt that stayed on a chain around a tree in the front yard. As kids we didn’t know any better and we used to taunt Benji, walking towards him and teasing. We’d make up songs calling his name then stand back and watch his reaction. When he’d come barreling towards us, we weren’t  scared because we knew his chain would catch and pull him back like always. As an adult I can say we put a lot of faith in that chain keeping Benji bound, until one day when we expected more of the same, to our surprise, Benji’s chain snapped and we scattered like roaches, realizing we had placed a lot of faith in something that would no longer “hold”.

Although Grandma would warn us, “You better quit messin with that dog!”, we never thought Benji could break his chain. In many ways, we saw the chain - the very thing that kept him bound - as a form of our own personal protection. But when Benji found the strength to free himself we soon learned not to put our faith in such temporal things.

See, while Benji may not have had the strength to break the chain initially, over time, his continued efforts (often prompted by taunting and teasing), had built upon Benji’s strength and by his willingness to continue to try, he also simultaneously diminished the strength of the chain, allowing him the opportunity to achieve his freedom.

Meditative thought:

Consider any chains ⛓ that bind temporary. If they’re on you, keep fighting, knowing that your struggle is strengthening you and that you’re made of everything it takes to break free. No, we are not pro-bully so please refrain or be dismayed as we were that day! In turn, seek to gain additional perspective by identifying the value in the “taunting”. If Benji had become discouraged by it, perhaps he might never have gained the strength to break free but instead, it became the very fuel his fire needed to harness his own breakthrough capabilities. If you’ve already ‘broken through’ and are in a position to see and support the releasing of chains on someone else, don’t tease or taunt them. Instead, show respect for the process of breaking free (it isn’t easy!) and seek ways in which to strengthen others to free themselves from the ties that bind, considering how you can be a catalyst for healthy growth and development.


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